Unlock the power of data.

Make yourself at home with RESIDENT, our market-
leading data product that offers a UK single view of
consumers covering 96% of all UK households.

Once, businesses believed that simply gathering
customer data was all they needed to do. But in
today’s world, precise information is identified,
analysed and incisively applied to deliver true
competitive advantage. In short, there’s no more,
viable alternative than customer insight.

With RESIDENT, we’re able to harness the power of
data to deliver a bespoke process with added value
throughout. We can provide the transformational
steps to achieve optimum returns on investment –
and meet your unique business requirements.

RESIDENT is unlike other products of its kind on the
market as it has no data supplier hierarchy, which
often compromises data integrity. RESIDENT is fully
compliant with industry data regulations and fully
permissioned for direct marketing purposes –
bringing together the best available insurance,
utility, lifestyle and transactional data sources,
which are benchmarked on an annual basis to
ensure data accuracy, quality, coverage and depth.

With over 400 variables available, used for
modelling and profiling, we can accurately
identify prospects, enrich existing customer and
prospect data, enhance cross sell and upsell
campaigns and enable audience segmentation
to aid proposition, incentive and channel led

52 million consumers; 400 attributes; endless possibilities.

Make a difference
with data.

Predictive Models & Profiling

increase response and sales conversion,
drive accurate targeting, market sizing
and personalisation opportunities.

Channel Marketing

for Email, Direct Mail, Mobile, Landline, Social and Programmatic contact and engagement.

Optimisation & Growth

more targeted communications, accurate forecasting and channel optimised driving an increase in sales and ROI.

Insight & Analytics

to uncover facts and patterns in data to drive business change.

Data Hygiene & Cleansing

improve data quality and accuracy,
driving efficiencies in contact whilst
reducing wastage.

Indicative Quoting

for insurance within a 5% tolerance.

by insight.

We use our own in-house developed rules,
complex modelling and algorithms to merge
all contributor data into one single view. We
continually review the data marketplace to
identify new sources of data to increase
volume, data accuracy and add additional

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is growing.

The power of knowledge maximises returns
on time and investment. The more you know
of your customer, the more able you are to
create bespoke communications that will
increase the likelihood of response and

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It all begins with insight.

So, what can you do with all this new insight?
And what can you expect to gain from
partnering with us? Take a look at some
of the businesses we’ve already supported
with our data consultancy service.

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Data, redefined.

Data is only ever data, unless it’s high quality,
accurate and brought to life in the right way.
We work closely with our customers to deliver
meaningful insight that drives performance and
growth – with a service that’s tailored to each
and every business.

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We’re more than just data.

we’re driven by you.

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So you’re ready to get on board?
See how Lloyd James could help unlock the power
of your data and take your business further.

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