When to use customer insight in your marketing strategy [AND HOW]

10 Mar , 2022

Customer insights or consumer insights, as it’s commonly called, refers to data that is gathered on your customers behaviour. Which, if used correctly, can be interpreted, and inputted into your marketing strategy to increase its effectiveness and ultimately drive sales, by gaining a better understanding of customers’ likes and dislikes.

By using this data in the right way, it can empower your businesses decisions, which in the long term will result in creating an ever-improving experience for your customers. Research shows that companies with quality data which is cleansed frequently are more likely to collect and use customer analytics in their marketing decisions, which helps them grow their revenue and overall business.

Customer insight should play a vital part in your overarching marketing strategy

Once, businesses believed that simply gathering customer data was all they needed to do. But in today’s world, precise information is identified, analysed and incisively applied to deliver true competitive advantage. In short, there’s no more, viable alternative than customer insight.

Consumer insight and analytics can be used by businesses to gain an understanding of how their audience thinks, feels and acts towards their product or service. By examining customer behaviour it allows companies to get to grips on what their consumers want and why.

When research is conducted properly on your consumer database, it should improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications and how your brand communicates, which is likely to change consumer behaviour, and therefore increase sales.

How can customer insight can help you make better marketing decisions?

  1. Help define personas
  2. Improve communication
  3. Improve audience targeting
  4. Learn what products/features should be highlighted
  5. Identify the needs of your customers
  6. Increase brand recognition

How to get started with consumer insights

  • Make sure you create a plan and know what you want to learn from your data.
  • Identify how you will collate in order to conduct customer insight, as well as this make sure you have resource available to analyse this data.
  • What’s your collection method? This in incredibly important as you will need to make sure your methods are GDPR compliant and has all the relevant information that you need.
  • How will you use the data? Make sure your efforts are not going to waste. It’s important to plan and think ahead.

Lastly, let’s get started! Obtaining consumer insights is hard work but what is discovered it is usually worth the time and effort. If you’re interested in gathering data, analysing data or buying more data get in touch with one of our data specialists to discuss how Lloyd James can help.